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Find your soul mission and life purpose
this lifetime through astrology

Transpersonal Therapy, Relationships and Career Counseling

Maryellen McCabe has been a professional
intuitive astrology counselor for 25 years.

To arrange for a 1 1/2 hour reading, contact Maryellen
with your birthday, time, and place.

Endorsements ~ Background ~ Philosophy


"We all need to know the role we play and our deeper purpose for being on earth. At this time especially after the September 11th terrorist attack on New York City and the nation. We all need to see and understand our life in a deeper and more spiritual way. Maryellen McCabe had been predicting these changes in America since last summer. She helped me uncover how we can best serve and help the larger plan at this time in history and our personal destiny is in relationship to the larger whole. Maryellen McCabe's spiritual and astrological insights were a tremendous source of comfort and inspiration."
- Amy Komar

Her clients have included many psyotherapists and their clients, holistic doctors, healers, network chiropractors and career counselors. She is featured in Who's Who in Service to the Earth as one of forty-one visionaries with an innovative program for a positive future.

"I was a bit reluctant, never having done this kind of thing before. But I soon found that it was one of the most rewarding and self-actualizing experiences I've ever had."
- Betty Kanner

"Maryellen McCabe is a gifted astrological counselor who is highly appreciated by the clients I refer to her from my therapy practice. She combines a warm hert with an ability to synthesize the key elements in a chart. Her readings are given in a constructive way that inspires people with a sense of their own potentials and of deeper meaning in their life experience."
- Martha Crampton, Ph.D., Psychsynthesis Therapist

" to let you know how meaningful your astrological readings have been to me professionally. I never cease to be impressed when my clients bring [your] taped readings in to share with me. [Your} objective astrological perspective helps in our counseling sessions. With its overciew, it often confirms the client's dynamics and problems. It points up strengths and clarifies psychological and spiritual challenges and goals. Over time, we often refer back to your readings."
- Alyce R. Tresenfeld, M.A., Psychosynthesis Therapist


Maryellen McCabe has been an intuitive counselor, professional Astrologer and teacher of the intuitive arts since 1979. She pioneered the use of Astrology and psychotherapy with some of New York's best therapists. She brings to her readings a twenty-seven year background as both student and teacher of the esoteric ancient wisdom teaching of the Great White Sisterhood and Brotherhood. The foundation of her training has involved the deep study of Agni Yoga, as brought to the west by Nicholas and Helena Roerich, together with Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Anthroposophy, Manley Hall, Dion Fortune, Jain mantra teachings of sound healing, esoteric Christianity, the Grail Mysteries, Tibetan Buddhism and the Keys of Enoch.

She brings to her counseling abilities a broad background in Archetypal Jungian psychology, transpersonal therapy and Psycho Synthesis. Her practice uniquely specializes in balancing the feminine and masculine principles in women and men and focuses on the differences in their approach to enlightenment, which includes the esoteric teaching and preparation for the Christ Age of Twin Souls. Moreover, she has trained in whole brain education, as developed by Elaine DeBouport, founder of the Meade School and self help, neuropsychology, DMA as developed by Robert Fritz and sound mantra healing by Acharya Sushil Kumarji Maharaj, a Jain master of sound and healing.

In addition to her spiritual and psychological background, her readings embrace a grounded approach to life from her working exprience as a singer songwriter, music teacher of young children, producer and programming consultant for a number of leading edge conferences and concerts. Such events include the highly acclaimed Sacred in the Arts Conference at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, featuring concerts by Kitaro, The Voices of Tuva and The Loseling Monks, Omega Institute's music and healing conference "Awaking the Soul," the Women of Vision Conference's and Peace Through the Arts the Human Rights Action Center's celebration of the 49th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights at the Hard Rock Cafe. She created and leads the Helena Roerich Women's Circle, a monthly spiritual and service oriented women's group with Bonnie Corse, a clairvoyant. She also teaches a course called The Great White Sisterhood and Spiritual Feminism of the Heart at the center for empowerment of women.


In the spirit of Chiron, the wounded healer from Greek mythology, Maryellen McCabe is able to help people make sense of their unique soul's journey. People are able to see how each of our individualized achievements and suffering can lead us to compassionate wisdom. Furthermore, on a mundane level, this wisdom can also have a very positive influence on the worldly and material success of a person's career.

Consequently, many therapists have felt that her readings help their clients cut through months of therapy and get to the real heart of a person, thus leading them to identify with their true selves as opposed to wandering about in the world of our false sub-personalities.

She is considered particularly adept at interpreting the charts of people with such planetary patterns as T-squares, Grand Crosses, and Fingers of God. In this way she helps to encourage the positive missions made possible by these planetary aspects in a person's chart. Her approach synthesizes the predictive techniques that combine the western system of transits, progressions and solar returns with Indian Vedic Astrology. She also practices predictive Horary Astrology

1 1/2 hour phone session taped
Soul Mission Astrology Reading


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