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Women's Studies Performance and Workshop


Heroines Performance

With songs by Maryellen McCabe and Dawn Andrews and monologues and dance performed by Erinnisse Heuer

The performance with an acoustic trio of guitar, cello and voice, includes songs on great women, with monologues and sign language dance. This show is particularly relevant for women studies programs at colleges, religious studies, women's retreats, and girls high schools

Heroines Workshop

Empowering the Sacred Feminine...the New Spiritual Feminism of the Heart

This workshop includes historic information about the sacred feminine from the standpoint of The Goddess and the great Women Spiritual teachers within all faiths : The second section focuses on the psychological guidelines for the development of the archetypal feminine consciousness and its unique heroic journey, Experiential energy healing, chanting and meditation related to the sacred feminine will be introduced. The workshop will end with a participatory discussion about the application of spiritual feminism to the political changes needed for Women globally will .

Sample Workshop Outline


  • Mysteries of the Mary's: The Blessed Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene
  • The Sacred Feminine according to the teaching of Helena Roerich, Helena Blavatsky, Dion Fortune
  • Sophia and the Holy Grail

Psychological foundations of the Feminine:

A synthesis and teaching of the feminine archetypes based on great women, Jungian mentors and therapists including Marie Louise Von Franz, Esther Harding, Helen Luke, Marion Woodman, Jean Shinoda Bolen, and Linda Leonard.

  • Betrayal of the Feminine
  • Power vs. Love: Unraveling patriarchy within and without
  • Mothers and Daughters, the dark devouring mother. Healing the Shadow of Women
  • Feminine Creativity
  • Feminine natural healing and intuitive divination arts
  • Balancing the Masculine and Feminine and Esoteric teaching of Twin Souls

The political application for the Feminine at this time for World Peace and the fulfillment of the Spiritual Destiny of America:

  • The Goddess of Liberty
  • US 4 Declaration of Human Rights and, Women Shoppers United for Human Rights
  • Global sisters, torture victims, child prostitution, and victims of rape

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